Business Marketing On Social Media Platforms


In last one decade, social media has come a long way. It started with the purpose to connect friends and family but now it is no more limited to personal use. It has become a powerful medium for commercial uses such as marketing for all sized businesses. Nowadays, because of availability of so many social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. customers are able to directly interact with the brands and convey their feedbacks about the products and services. This can actually help an organization to improve its performance and quality of its services which can bring remarkable success to your business.

To achieve your branding and marketing goals, social media marketing can be used to create and share contents related to your business. Such marketing involves activities like updating images, videos, posting texts and other content which engages the viewers.

Social media can be helpful in increasing website traffic. You can build conversions and raise awareness about your brand. It can help you to create brand identity and a positive brand association. Through social media, you can improve your interaction and communication with the potential audiences. The best way to achieve your marketing goals is to engage more of the audiences on the social media networks.

  • First step before starting marketing campaigns is to plan your business goals. You must have a social strategy for starting a campaign. While defining your goals, you should ask yourself some questions regarding what you want to achieve through social media marketing, who are you planning to target for your business and how are you going to convey about your business to the potential audience.
  • It is very important to plan the content that you are going to post on the social media platforms. You can do a competitive research for finding some brainstorming content ideas that can attract the potential customers. Try to follow the other businesses belonging to the same industry on how they engage with their customers on social media. This can also help you to get lot of ideas to launch a successful marketing campaign. A great social content plays a very important role in terms of marketing on social media.
  • You have to be very consistent in posting some valuable information or updates ensuring that your target audience finds it helpful and interesting. It is not necessary to share contents only in the form of texts. It can be some videos, images, how-to guides, info graphics and more.
  • You must maintain a consistent brand image. Social media contributes in projecting your brand image. Each social media is distinct and has some unique features but the core identity of your business must stay consistent whether it is fun, friendly or trustworthy.
  • It is a perfect way to leverage your own original and unique content for gaining fans and followers. You can also link outside articles which offer great valuable information that can be enjoyed by the target audience.

Some Of The Media Platforms That Can Be Used

Facebook has a friendly and casual environment for which you need an active social media marketing strategy. You can start by creating a fan page for your business. You must focus on the layout of your page since visual component is very essential to grab attention of the visitors. Since it is a platform for informal conversations, it is better to keep a friendly tone. You must come up with a cost effective Facebook strategy that can have a big impact on your presence in this platform.

Google+ can also be used to upload and share videos, links, photos etc. This can help you to host a video conference using Hangouts.

Another social media platform that is growing very fast is Pinterest. It is perfect for retail business but other businesses too can benefit from Pinterest. It allows businesses to develop their brand personality with unique pin boards and showcase what their products have to offer.

Twitter can be used to broadcast your updates across the web. You can follow tweeters who are related to the same field or industry and you will gain a lot of followers in return. You can tweet about special discounts and other news regarding your business. You can always retweet if any of your customers write something nice about your products or services. Also, you can answer directly to all their queries.